White Powder Kidney Bean Extract Used for Weight Loss

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White Powder Kidney Bean Extract Used for Weight Loss
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Kidney Bean Extract
CAS: 85085-22-9
Molecular Formula: C20H18O4
Molecular Weight: 322.35
EINECS: 285-354-6
Assay: 20%
Appearance: White powder

2. Description:

White kidney bean extract is a nutritional supplement that blocks a digestive enzyme in the intestinal tract that assists with the absorption of complex carbohydrates. As a result, it allows some of the starchy foods that are ingested to pass through the digestive system without being metabolized. Body builders and dieters commonly use this supplement as a weight loss aid. This product is also used by people who find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet due to the fast pace of their careers, such as field representatives and transportation professionals.

One of the main digestive enzymes that breaks down starches and other complex carbohydrates is called alpha-amalyase. When complex carbohydrates are broken down into simple carbohydrates, they are either used for energy immediately or stored as fat. White kidney bean extract may inhibit the action of this enzyme, allowing most unneeded starches to pass through the body without being broken down, while allowing sugar, fat and protein to be digested normally. It does not affect the enzyme glucomase, which also breaks down a small percentage of complex carbohydrates.

3. Applications:

White bean extract can prevent alpha-amylase (an enzyme that occurs naturally in the body) from breaking down carbohydrates into glucose (sugar). By slowing up alpha-amylase activity, proponents suggest, white bean extract leaves behind less glucose for the body to turn into fat.

White bean extract is said to keep blood sugar in check, fight insulin resistance, protect against diabetes and heart disease, enhance athletic performance, increase energy, ease symptoms of arthritis, and aid in the prevention of colon cancer.

White bean extract may help promote weight loss. For instance, the authors of a research review published in Nutrition Journal in 2011 concluded that one proprietary white bean extract product (Phase 2 Carb Controller) may have the "potential to induce weight loss and reduce spikes in blood sugar caused by carbohydrates. "

White bean extract experienced a significantly greater reduction in body weight, fat mass, and waistline size (compared to members of the placebo group). What's more, white bean extract appeared to help the participants maintain lean body mass.

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